imagine joey inviting you to his party

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taking [ _____ x reader ] one-shot requests, just send me an ask with;


  • person(s)
  • mood
  • any specifics?
everything is YouTube themed unless stated otherwise
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imagine trying on outfits for tyler

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oneshot // playing cards [WWE]

- requested by anon

"Y/n, your turn to deal," Dean says. You look up to the deck of cards sitting on the green cloth draping over the table. You smile at Dean, not breaking eye contact while you pick up the cards and deal them to the other Superstars and Divas around the table.

He finally looks away and to his cards. You look around the table at the expressions on everyone’s faces. Jimmy Uso rolls his eyes at his cards and Naomi instantly shoots up from the corner of the room to rub his shoulders, keeping him relaxed.

AJ’s face is emotionless. She stares intently at her cards, and you smile, knowing how focused she is on this somewhat pointless game. She had told you beforehand that she was gonna use this game as a way to finally get back at Daniel for dumping her on live television a few years back.

Paige shakes her head, her black her flowing down her shoulders. “I’m out,” she exclaims, throwing her junk cards on the table and storming out of the locker room.

"Me too," Daniel says, sighing as he lays his cards out on the table. Once he’s gone, AJ screams.

"God, me too," she says, leaving.

You, Dean and Seth stare at each other, occasionally glancing down at your cards. Seth stands up. “You two are so obviously eye fucking each other from opposite ends of the table. I’m gonna go,” he says, laying out four aces and a king.

"Don’t go," you say, grabbing Seth’s wrist. Dean shoots his ‘look’ at you, as if to ask what you’re doing. "I like you Seth." Dean looks almost disappointed, but stays in his seat, just staring off into the empty corners of the locker room.

"Oh yeah?" Seth smirks. You nod, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Okay, I’ll stay." He pulls his chair closer towards you, slowly beginning to caress your face and running his fingers through your hair. 

"Dean, come here," you say. He looks over to find Seth now closer than ever, kissing your shoulder. He looks a bit anxious at first, but then gives in. He marches towards you, pulling Seth off of you and picking you up, laying you down on one of the benches.

"Seth," you call for him, pointing towards the door. He obliges and locks it before returning to the bench you’re now laying on. Seth and Dean both remove their shirts and you just lay there, starstruck and breathless. 

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no, literally, the only thing that’s stopping us from getting married is the fact that we haven’t “met yet”

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imagine play-fighting with jc

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imagine troye singing ‘we’re my otp’ for you on your second date

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outfit // Poolside With JC Caylen

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outift // Christmas Shopping With Dan

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imagine your favorite youtuber flirting with you

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